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As of May 2008, the state of Georgia has created legislation for huge tax credits and incentives for commercial solar applications.

This incentive includes:

A maximum of $500,000 per installation for photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal electric applications, and other systems.

To see the incentives for your state, you can visit DSIRE, which is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiencies. We have compiled information on a few states below for quick access.

In a recent development, President Obama made renewable energy sources such as solar energy a major part of his energy plan. In his plan, he has allocated 150 billion dollars into alternative energy technologies and incentives for businesses. With the culmination of increased tax incentives and rebates in Georgia and the development of new technology, solar energy is becoming a key player again.

Almost as exciting as the incentives for commercial solar installations is the technology that is now available. Installing solar panels used to require large framing brackets holding heavy, fragile crystalline panels. These panels are expensive and less practical for commercial applications. This isn’t the case anymore. SolarFlex Technologies is a certified installer of the new “Flex Light” solar system, which is a flexible, virtually indestructable “panel” that is super light-weight and less than 1/4 inch thick. They are also 15% more efficient, and can collect energy at wider angles than the standard crystalline solar panels. These panels are Miami-Dade County approved, and can withstand multiple impacts and winds in excess of 140 miles per hour! This means that your solar system can last as long or longer than your commercial roof can.

Contact SolarFlex Technologies today to get a quote for your business. We work with you to maximize your energy savings, your tax rebates and incentives, and your reputation for being an environmentally responsible company.

The state of Georgia has opened the doors to make renewable energy sources a viable possibility for businesses and commercial buildings. In May 2008, Georgia passed the following measures (plus many others) as incentives for businesses to invest in solar energy.

A maximum of $100,000 per installation for domestic solar water heating

A maximum of $500,000 per installation for photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal electric applications, active space heating, biomass equipment and wind energy systems

A maximum of $100,000 per installation for Energy Star-certified geothermal heat pumps

A maximum of $100,000 for lighting retrofit projects

A maximum of $100,000 for energy-efficient products installed during construction

For renewable energy property used for any purpose other than single-family residential purposes, the tax credit is equal to 35% of the cost of the system (including installation), $0.60/square foot for lighting retrofit projects, and $1.80/square foot for energy-efficient products installed during construction. The credit is subject to various ceilings depending on the type of renewable-energy system or project as described above.

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