ROI – Return On Investment

With so many new government incentives and rebates for solar installations, the returns on your investment in green technology have never been higher. Reduce your energy cost, reduce your carbon footprint, start consuming clean, renewable energy, and watch your system begin to pay for itself over time.

Most SolarFlex Technologies solar systems will pay for themselves within 2-6 years. This payback will vary between many factors like the scope of the project, if the system is for public or private sector, each entities power rates, etc. SolarFlex will give you a more precise solution-specific return on investment analysis that shows your system payback period, cash-flow projection, estimated energy usage/creation contrast, and your environmental offsets created by your solar system.

The overall return on investment for solar installation has never been better due to the recent increase in government incentives and the nations changing appetite concerning importing foreign oil.

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