SolarFlex: Your Knoxville TN Solar Contractor/Installer

Solar In Tennessee

We can help you do solar in Knoxville, TN

If you are looking for a solar contractor in the Knoxville area, our specialty is working in Tennessee cities and the Southeast US.

Solarflex Technologies, LLC provides total solar integration for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal projects for corporations, government agencies, military applications, developers, and investors. We provide all phases necessary for the successful construction of a solar array project including site selection, solar energy projection, orientation plans, solar panel support and protection, wiring connection and housing, and the installation of inverters to convert the D/C electricity generated from the solar panels into A/C electricity suitable for traditional electrical needs.

Contact us today to get a quotation. We work with you to maximize your energy savings, your tax rebates and incentives, and your reputation for being an environmentally responsible company, agency, military branch or developer/investor.

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